PPC Match changes for 2021


All Match Director recently received an email from the NRA regarding the current ongoing ammo shortage and PPC matches.  The NRA suggested that Match Directors could, at their discretion, use only the NRA National Police Course of Fire (or Matches 5 & 12) for their Tournaments.

The CPPA Board of Directors and Match Hosts discussed the matter and came to the conclusion that for 2021 the registered matches could be the 60 round Match 5 or 12 if that host so desires.  The State Championship and the Regional should remain a full 1500 (150 round course of fire) to maintain the integrity of a Championship or Regional.  Overall this should result in a much lower rate of ammo consumption for the shooters as well as making their match day shorter.

The 48 round courses will remain unchanged.  Due to the reduced number of targets needed/used for the abbreviated Matches the individual match fees will only be $25.00, except for State Championships and/or Regional.

Upsides: Less ammo used, less targets used, lower individual costs per match weekend, possibly increased attendance. Probably more benefits.

Downsides: It will take longer for new shooters to classify (still 300 rounds, which will be 5 matches per gun opposed to 2). There will be no Match 4s fired (however, it was suggested that the individual match hosts could offer a couple Match 4s daily, not to be included in the prize fund or for classification).  If a Match 4 is offered it should be a $5 fee just to cover targets since it isn’t included in the prize/awards.

Lastly, we have lost any future access to the San Diego Sheriff’s Range on Alta Road. There has been a change of staff and we (competitive shooters) are no longer welcome.  That means the Paradise Classic is in limbo.  We are trying to find an available range, possibly on Camp Pendleton in order to maintain out 3-4 day event. If we have to use the RSO Range, Paradise Classic will revert to a two day event.  More info on that will be posted when it is available.

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