Proposed changes to the CPPA Rules and Regulations

At the Annual Meeting on November 6, 2021 two matters were brought up which the Association Membership will have to vote on to approve or decline.  The vote will be conducted at the next Annual Meeting on November 5, 2022.

The first item proposed to the Membership is – The Association has always paid for the diners of the Governor’s 15 (formerly Gov’s 20) recipients at the Awards Banquet as an award for their performance. With the decline in match attendance and fewer shooters overall, in an effort to reduce expenditures¬† by the Association, it was proposed that the Association cease paying the meal costs for the Governor’s 15 Members.

The second item proposed to the Membership is РRegarding the Match Host Seniority.  Match Hosts select their match weekend based on seniority, and for reasons lost to time, the Association is next to last on the seniority roster. It was suggested that the Association actually be the first to select the dates for the State Championship.  The proposal to the membership is to move the CPPA to the first slot in the seniority roster as the Governing Body should be listed first on the roster.

Both of these matters will need to be voted on at the next Annual Meeting, and will be posted again later in the year for all members to consider.

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