Paradise Classic updates/changes

The rumors have been confirmed, the USBP National Team will not be attending the Paradise Classic Regional this year.

Due to the absence of the Border Patrol Team at this match we will be dropping the separate fired Team Matches from the schedule, the team matches for the Regional will be a paper match. Great news for the NorCal crew as they’ll be able to hit the road back to the Sacramento area much earlier on Saturday.  Another change to the schedule, for those who cannot be there on Friday and Saturday (Friday was slated to be the Semi-Auto day and Saturday was for Revolver) we will allow those shooters who cannot be there on Friday to fired the Semi-Auto 1500 on Saturday.

We are having a raffle for a Springfield XD Compact, only 200 tickets will be sold.  Tickets should still be available at the Santa Cruz match on August 3rd & 4th.  Tickets are $10 each.

Check for new or updated messages as we get closer to the start of the Regional.

Hope to see you there.

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