NRA contemplating making the NPSC a “postal” event for 2022


There has been rumor through the grapevine (and on PPC page at Facebook) is that the NRA is contemplating making the 2022 NPSC a postal match.  That rumor has apparently morphed closer to reality as the NRA has updated the NPSC page at to reflect the Nationals as being a postal, however they point out that a National Record can only be recorded at the main match site in Pearl, Mississippi.

This possible change to a postal match is unsuitable for the Nationals. I am not the only one who feels that way.  At the bottom of this message is a link to the letter submitted to the NRA Board of Directors complaining about the possibility of holding the NPSC as a postal (for a change it is not me who is sending this letter).

If you feel the Nationals should be held in one location, where all the competitors are competing under similar conditions and every competitor has the opportunity to set or tie a National Record please let the NRA Board of Directors, Law Enforcement Committee and the LEAD know.  Please remember to keep your letters and messages professional and polite.

2022 NPSC Formal Complaint letter

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