COVID 19 impact to schedule #3 (edited)


With Riverside County extending the Stay Home order through June 19 and Sacramento County extending their order through May 22 the Stockton Tournament is postponed, no new dates for the tournament yet.

The previously rescheduled CHP Tournament on May 23 & 24 and the Sacramento SO Tournament on June 6 & 7 might have to be postponed as well.  Unknown if Sacramento County will extend their order yet again and I am awaiting word whether or not we will have access to the RSO Range during the extended Riverside stay home order.

If we have access to the range we can possibly hold the CHP and Sac SO Tournaments with a few restrictions to ensure competitors maintain social distancing:

  • Lane reservations will be required.
  • Only competitors for the relay and one Range Officer on the range at any time
  • Competitors waiting for their relay should wait in the parking lot until just before the start of the relay (minimize congregating)
  • Don’t swarm the registration table
  • Any other restrictions required by the County to keep the Range safe

Obviously I can’t begin to guess every possible requirement the County could place on us so remember, things may be different if we are a go.

The RSO Match has been rescheduled to September 5 & 6, it should show on the Match Schedule soon.  With the Riverside Order extended to June 19, I am pretty certain our Awards Banquet will be cancelled.  If it is, those who earned awards for 2019 will get them there just wont be any pomp and circumstance.

As more information is received it’ll be posted here.

Edit to add: I forgot to mention that the NRA has suspended all Registered Tournaments through June 30th and will not accept scores or match fees.  You can read about that at




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