Cancellation of the State Championship and extension of Board of Directors


Unfortunately we will be cancelling the State Championship and 2019 Awards Banquet due to the continuing Corona Virus restrictions.  This was the last chance to squeeze a match in for 2020 but this cancellation allows us to do a complete reset for 2021.

The Board of Directors held an email BOD Meeting to discuss this cancellation and our path forward.  It was decided that since there were no matches held in 2020 due to the virus restrictions we would simply “reset” for 2021 by taking the match schedule as originally panned and simply adjusting the dates for next year.  Also, since there were no matches and no actions to take for 2020, we will also cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting since there should be no matters to bring up.

All awards, which were to be presented at this year’s banquet will instead be presented in 2021.  Those competitors who finished in the Gov’s 15 will have their 2021 banquet meals covered by the Association as well. The winner of the Free Matches for 2020 (John Koon) will have free matches for the 2021 season.

The last order of business is regarding the Board of Directors.  Since we will not have an Annual Meeting in 2020 the current Board of Directors will be extended for the 2021 Shooting Season.

I will be emailing the match hosts soon to ensure they will be good with the updated match schedule.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year.

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