California Police Pistol Association

CPPA “B” Tournament

 June 3rd and 4th, 2017


Hosted by the California Police Pistol Association

At the

Riverside Sheriff’s Range

Ben Clark Training Center

17425 Ferguson Ave

Riverside, CA



Mike Tangas


Tournament Director: John Koon

Chief Range Officer: Adrian Ruiz

Chief Statistical Officer:  Mike Tangas

Tournament Supervisor: Tom Cantrell


Tournament Registered by:  National Rifle Association

Tournament Sponsored by:  California Police Pistol Association 


Courses of Fire / Match Description

Match 1 – 6     Revolver PPC 1500 Matches

Match 7 – 12   Semi-Auto PPC 1500 Matches

Match 19        Two-Man Team Match (Non Fired Match)

Match 20        Four-Man Team Match (Non Fired Match)

All team matches will be unfired matches. The high score from either match 5 or match 11 will be used for the CPPA “B” Team Match.


Tournament Information

Please make lane reservations with Mike Tangas by May 31, 2017.  Teams must be declared prior to the first team member firing. 

Eligibility:  All shooters must comply with the current NRA Police Pistol Combat Rules.  All shooters must show proof of employment at sign-in.  All non-CPPA competitors will be charged a one-time $5.00 entry fee for each 1500.



Rules:  NRA rules will govern.  All competitors will wear eye and hearing protection.

Targets:  Only NRA approved B-27 targets will be used.

Refires:  NRA rule 9.16 will apply.

Challenges:  NRA rule 16.1 will apply.  A $2.00 fee will be charge for each shot challenged.

Classes:  Individual competitors will be classified according to their NRA classifications.  Unclassified shooters will compete in the High Master class.  Teams will be classified according to NRA rules.


Schedule of Events and Fees

June 3rd & 4th, 2017

Registration 0730 - 1300

First Relay 0800

Revolver 1500……………………………….........$35

Semi Auto 1500…………………………………...$35



There will be one Revolver and one Semi Auto 1500 offered for the CPPA “B” Tournament.

This Match will be fired in conjunction with the California State Championship

All Prices Include Applicable NRA Fees.