United States Border Patrol
El Centro Sector and BP Retired
DATE: Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd-24th 2016
Riverside Sheriff's Academy, Ben Clarke Training Center, Riverside, California
Postal - CHP Academy, Sacramento, California
RELAYS: July 23rd 0800-1300
July 24th 0800-1300
RULES: Current NRA rules shall govern. Competitor scoring.
Competitors from the same agency may not score each others targets.
ENTRY: All competitors who qualify under PPC Rule 2.4 NRA
NRA membership is required. See current NRA rulebook for recent changes.
TARGETS: Official NRA B-27 targets will be used.
FEES: 1500 Auto/Revolver $35
1500 Retired  Auto/Revolver $35
PPC Stock Auto/Revolver $15
CPPA Distinguished Auto/Revolver $5
Non-CPPA member Fee $5 (per 1500)
South Jeremy David- jeremy.mdavid@gmail.com (Riverside)
North John Koon - johnkoon@pacbell.net (Sacramento)
PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded as usual, cash or merchandise one (1) for each seven (7) competitors.
CLASSIFICATIONS: Individual competitors will be classed according to their most current NRA classification.
Shooters must present their NRA classification and CPPA membership card at
registration, along with proper police I.D. card. NRA membership application cards
will be available at the range
CHALLENGES: A challenge fee of $1.00 will be collected for each challenge made.
( See NRA rules for correct procedure)
CLASSIFICATIONS: Individual competitors will be classified in six classes. High Master, Master, Expert,
Sharpshooter, Marksman and Classified.
Classification will be based on NRA Police Combat classifications, the scores of which
are taken from NRA sanctioned Police Pistol Combat matches or registered leagues.
Unclassified competitors, WITHOUT A TEMPORARY SCORE BOOK, are required to compete
in the High Master Class (rule 19.2). Insufficient entries (5 or more) in a class may require
those competitors to be moved to the next higher classification, per the Match Director
(NRA Rule 19.15)
ARMS ALLOWED: Rule 3.2 and 3.3 of the NRA Police Combat Rule Book.
AMMUNITION: Either hand loaded or factory loaded round nose, semi-wadcutter, full wadcutter,
.32 cal or larger, may be used. No high speed or magnum ammunition will be allowed.
 (Rule 3.17 a, b)
FIRING METHOD: “DA” will designate matches, which must be fired double action.
Matches designated with “SA” (single action) may be fired either double or single action.
LOADING: All loading will be with cartridges taken from the competitor's pocket, cartridge belt, mechanical loaders or special pouch. Cartridge belts and special pouches may be used if they are practical for police duty use. It is the competitors' responsibility to have sufficient ammunition in his possession to complete the event. If the equipment to be used is questionable, it should be submitted to the Tournament Director for a decision prior to firing the first match. All loading will be with sic (6) cartridges. Time for reloading is included in the time for each match or stage.
TIME: Time will start with a loaded gun in the holster. No part of the competitor's hand may touch the gun or the holster before the command to commence firing has been given.
OPTICAL DEVICES: No optical (other than normal glasses worn for corrective eyesight or sunglasses)
will be permitted on the range during match firing for use by competitors. Use of
mechanical iris, eye patch or eye cover is prohibited.
HOLSTER: A conventional right or left-handed holster must be used. For safety reasons shoulder,
nor cross-draw, nor holsters requiring releasing by insertion of the finger within the 
trigger guard will not be allowed. Holsters cannot be tied down.
TARGETS: Only NRA approved B-27 targets will be used. Hits in the 7,8,9,10 and X scoring area
will be used.
SIGHTING SHOTS: No sighting shots will be allowed.
REFIRES: No re-fires will be allowed for defective guns or ammunition, or for other malfunction
of the shooter's equipment. Competitors may clear jams or malfunctions provided
all safety requirements are met.
SCORING: All scoring will be performed by competitors. The use of plug type scoring guages
will be restricted to use by the Chief Range Officer or Match Director. Competitors
will inspect their own targets after scoring, check scorecard for correctness and
sign their scorecard to indicate acceptance of the score. If the competitor does not 
accept the score, the Chief Range Officer will clip the scorecard to the target and the
target will be moved to the Challenge Area. See NRA Rule 16.1 for challenge and protest 
procedure. If the score is accepted, scores will be checked by the statistical office and 
posted on the bulletin board. Competitors must sign their scorecards or risk not having
their scores accepted.
BREAKING TIES: When two or more competitors have the same numerical score, scores will be ranked
according to NRA rule 15.3
MATCH 1: Standing without Support – DA
Stage 1: 7 yards 12 shots 20 seconds
Stage 2: 15 yards 12 shots 20 seconds
MATCH 2: 25 yards Kneeling and Standing – DA
6 shots kneeling
6 shoots left hand barricade 90 seconds
6 shots right hand barricade
MATCH 3: 50 yards sitting/prone/standing – DA/SA
6 shots sitting
6 shots prone                                 2 minutes and
6 shots left hand barricade                 45 seconds
6 shots right hand barricade
MATCH 4: 25 yards standing without support – DA
Stage 1: 12 shots 35 seconds
Stage 2: 12 shots 35 seconds
MATCH 5: National Police Course
Stage 1:  A. 7 yards Standing 12 shots – DA- 20 seconds
B. 25 yards Kneeling/Standing – DA–90 seconds
6 shots kneeling
6 shots left-hand barricade
6 shots right-hand barricade
Stage 2: C: 50 yards sitting/prone/standing DA/SA
all fired in 2 minutes, 45 seconds
6 shots sitting
6 shots prone
6 shots left-hand barricade
6 shots right-hand barricade
D: 25 yards standing without support - DA
fired in 12 seconds
6 shots
MATCH 6: Aggregate of Matches 1,2,3,4 & 5
Stage 1:        3-ard line, double action 6 shots one handed from the standing position without support in 8 seconds
Stage 2:        7 yard line, double action 6 shots one or two hands, reload with 6 more rounds and shoot from standing without support position in 20 seconds. (12 shots total). TARGET CHANGE
Stage 3:        15 yard line, double action 6 shots one or two hands, reload with 6 more rounds and shoot from standing without support position in 20 seconds. (12 shots total).
Stage 4:        25 yard line, double action 18 shots, one or two hand; 6 shots kneeling, using the barricade for cover and support; 6 shots standing left hand from behind the barricade;
and 6 shots standing right hand from behind the barricade. 90 seconds, includes reloading for subsequent 6 shot string.
Total of 48 rounds on two targets with a maximum possible score of 480X48.